Oak Robust Fumed Senior

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The Fusion 12V range of laminates has the distinct benefit of a thicker core board allowing for greater sound absorption and is also more forgiving with regard to subfloor levelness. The 12mm core board creates a natural sound deadening effect, creating a more "solid feel" to the board and room acoustic. 

Furthermore, the 12mm range has the added benefit of a simple drop-down system on the short ends which make these heavier boards easier to install but with the comfort and security of the DocLoc fitting system on the long sides. This means the boards can be fixed one-at-a-time and be easily installed in hallways and around doorways.

The benefits of the Fusion 12V Premium range include a registered embossed surface to show the grain of the wood. The Registered Embossed texture is pressed into the surface of the floor and is also synchronised to the decor visually. This means that it not only looks real but also enables you to feel the grain and knots in the wood design. Oak Robust Fumed Senior is also water resistant and has an AC3 rating.

Size: 1215 x 196 x 12mm


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