December 16, 2018 1 min read

The Pergo long & wide laminate planks are 2050 x 240 x 8mm. Similar to the classic planks, the long & wide planks showcase a detailed surface, which, along with the matt finish, leaves the floor looking like untreated wood. This adds a naturalistic look and feel to any interior. The large floorboards also make the whole interior feel bigger and airier.

Pergo products are fast and easy to install, and they come with a lifetime guarantee. Like, the classic planks, the long & wide planks are water-, dirt-, and stain-proof, i.e. water, dirt and stains stay on the surface of the floor and can therefore, be easily wiped away. This is because the joints are waxed and so when fitted, they create a seal, preventing water or other substances from getting through. Because of this, the long & wide planks are a hygienic option and are very easy to maintain.

Here at SL Interiors, we supply and fit a range of Pergo long planks. Check out our full collection here or drop into our showroom, located at Unit H6, Swords Enterprise Park, Co. Dublin.