November 05, 2018

Herringbone, aka parquet flooring, is a traditional floor pattern that was first developed in Europe. As you can see from the picture above, the wood is arranged in a staggered zig-zag pattern, with the end of one plank meeting the side of another. The herringbone style is suitable for both traditional and modern spaces, and while it is often used in small, narrow spaces to make the room appear wider, it is also perfect for open-plan living. We stock herringbone flooring in a range of colours. For those looking for a more subtle and sophisticated take on the trend, we recommend the more neutral and grey tones. One of the biggest decisions when it comes to herringbone flooring is whether to opt for a laminate or engineered wood floor type. To make this decision a little easier, we've outlined some of the benefits of each below:


Laminate Herringbone Flooring

Made up of 99% wood product, the laminate herringbone flooring is extremely comfortable to walk on due to its thickness (12.3mm) and warmth. The surface is made up of hard plastic with a printed design, making it reasonably durable and easy to maintain. Selecting a suitable underlay is very important when opting for laminate herringbone as it prevents the floor from feeling hollow underfoot and helps to dampen down the noise. All of our laminate herringbone is priced at 18.95 per square yard, making it great value for money.


Engineered Wood Herringbone Flooring

 The engineered wood herringbone is comprised of a wooden top and bottom layer, with 5-7 middle layers of plywood that crisscross together. These middle layers make it less likely for the wood to be warped by moisture, humidity or temperature, compared to solid wood flooring. A brushed finish shows off the texture of the wood, while opting for a smooth finish leaves a clean and sophisticated look. With engineered wood, the top layers can be sanded down if they become worn, which means the floor can last a lifetime. Due to its superior quality and increased thickness (14mm-15mm), the engineered wood herringbone is priced higher at 41.95-46.50 per square yard.


Have a better idea now of what you're looking for? Check out our featured collection of herringbone flooring here to find the style perfect for you!